Achievements are goals which the game has laid out for the player to complete. They are not necessary whatsoever and are solely for the entertainment of the player.

There is currently 30 different achievements.

List of Achievements Edit

Name Requirement to Complete
Grog 'n' women! Visit a tavern.
RAISE THE MAST ME HARTIES!!! Set sail for the first time.
Land Lubber Visit an island with no town.
MR. SEAGULL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!? Have a seagull poop on your ship.
BOOTY! Find a treasure chest and open it.
Grand Theft Marine Capture and enemy ship.
YARRRRRRRR Plunder an enemy ship.
POOPdeck... Have at least 5 poop on your ship.
Noob Die for the first time.
Bounty! Accept a bounty quest.
Lives up to his name! Horke the Flatulent poops.
Socially inadequate Kill a hobo.
I'm a mighty pirate! Have 10 or more pirates on your crew.
Kung Fu Fighting Visit a panda island.
Robinson Hobo'd Find a stranded hobo.
Gotta catch em all.. Capture an animal to be your pet.
LEGEN - Wait for it... Pick a fight with a legendary pirate.
Jolly Roger That Add a pirate flag to your ship.
Mutiny! Have a pirate turn hostile due to low morale.
Who be makin this game? Check out the Main Menu credits.
Defeat a legendary pirate.
I see dead pixels Kill a total of 1000 enemies.
KABOOOM! One of your pirates dies while using Kaboom.
GOLDEN Loot a total of 10000 gold.
Treasure Hunter Dig up 10 buried treasure chests.
Mr. Croft I presume? Unearth an epic buried treasure.
Beat the game... for now? Defeat all the Legendary pirate ships.
The Diaper Brotherhood Have 5 of your crewmates wear diapers at the same time.
Meta! Have both Vitali Kirpu and Alexander Poysky on your ship.
GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! Capture 50 animals.