There is currently six different Groups in the game. These groups server as ways to partition your crew into different positions. Each group also has a specified task that they will more likely do.


The different groups showing the amount of crew mates in each, located next to the ships health.

Name Description
Boarders Boarder group is primarily used for the offensive pirates who do all the dirty work.
Gunners Gunners use Ship Cannons and try to stay out of melee range to inflict ranged damage.
Ship Crew This group does all the cooking, cleaning, and maintenance of the ship.
Training Training group focuses on improving pirates abilities during sailing periods.
Custom Custom group for your special needs.
Animals All your pets are located in this group
Location of groups

Location of the button used to change a sailors group.

To change the group a crew member is in you must open up the menu, click on "Your Crew", click onto the desired member, the click the group on the bottom of the menu. It will rotate between the different groups.

Trivia Edit

GunnerGroup Mising Word

The description missing "to"

  • The description for the Gunner says "Gunners use Ship Cannons and try stay out of melee range to inflict range damage." The presumed "to" in between "try" and "stay" is missing.