Patch notesEdit


  • Pirate Friendship System added.
  • Food/Rum System improved, you can store them in a barrels and rum bottles now create waste just like the crap.
  • Quartermaster removed.
  • Gunslinger perk removed
  • New Control System added (Right mouse commands removed)
  • New class Gunslinger added, gunslingers dont need ammo and they start with Veronica Pistols
  • Food cant be placed while on sea anymore
  • Combat knockbacks increased
  • Event System visuals improved
  • All Class icons improved
  • Added Females! You can now be female :)
  • World Map now shows EXPLORED locations
  • You can issue attack command on a single targets, beware if they have allies nearby!

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed BUG where you could attack dead pirate forever
  • Fixed BUG where sailor cleaning didnt work as intended
  • Fixed BUG where pirate generator used only red color shades
  • Few other error fixes