Perks are traits that the captain and crew members can have. Perks can act as buffs or de-buffs to aid or hinder your crewmen. Your captain also starts with any of the perks listed.


(This list is incomplete, some perks are missing.)

Perk Name Description Positive or Negative
Abstinence Doesn't drink. Positive
Alcoholic May find bottles of rum - but then wants to keep them. Both
Anorexia Doesn't eat as much. Positive
Assassin Increased Critical strike. Positive
Avenger If your teammates die, an avenger's attack speed increases temporarily. Positive
Bad Vision Less chance to hit with Ranged weapon. Negative
Big Appetite Eats more than normal pirates. Negative
Bully +30% Knock-back. Positive
Bully Randomly Hits Friendly Player. (Will sometimes cause a friendly player to mutiny) Negative
Careless When sailing he may fall off the ship. Negative
Can't Read Can't learn from books.  Will equip them as passive items if given. Negative
Dumb Does not learn anything from sailing. Negative
Depressed Loses morale 50% faster. Negative
Fast Increases speed by about 33% on both captain and allies. Positive
Fast Learner Seems to learn at 50% to 100% faster when sailing. Positive
Fast Recovery HP recovery is increased by 50%. Positive
Greedy May ask the player for random amounts of gold during trips. Negative
Hairy Units attacking this type of pirate have reduced attack speed, Also has a chance to drop a beard when killed. Positive
Lazy Will not always do his duties. Negative
Liar May blackmail player (for gold) to spread lies about him. Negative
Loyal No risk of switching sides during a battle. Negative
Maniac When Attacked, has a chance to rampage whilst loosing morale at the same time. Both
Nimble Increased dodge chance. Positive
Old Could die any second. Literally. Negative
Paralysis Might become paralyzed at random. Negative
Rich If on your captain, starts you with 1000 gold. When you kill a crew member with the Rich perk, they will drop more gold than other crew members. Positive
Sailing +2% sailing speed per level. Positive
Seasick Loses HP when on your boat. Negative
Slow Decreases movement speed by 33%. Negative
Strong Increases knockback and gives +1 damage. Positive
Swim Pirates with swim perk will teleport onto land when drowning for more than 3 seconds. Positive
Thief May steal gold drops. Negative
Traitor Higher risk to switch sides and turn on you during battle. Probability rises with lower morale. Negative
Weak Can't knock-back and does -1 damage. Negative