A Tavern is one of the different buildings found in towns. The town you start in is guaranteed to have one within it. The tavern appearance is slightly different from other buildings. The overall shape slightly longer as compared to other shops to contain space for the sailors for higher.

Tavern Uses Edit

  • Recruitment: New crew members can be hired by talking to the bartender in the bar. When interacting with the tender a list of the names of everyone for hire, along with their origin, previous occupation, and hiring costs, will appear. Level one highers are generally priced at 50 gold each. The price varies slightly but still raise proportionally to the level/experience of the member.
    Basic Tavern

    A tavern in daytime.

  • Morale: Taverns are also excellent places for your members to replenish their morale. Taverns replenish about 10 morale every 6 seconds, costing you two gold for each drink a crewman gets.